Difference on exclude_files.* parameters


Tried to search in the docs without success. Can someone explain the difference between the following parameters in the client config and the usage details?


Particularly, if I have the following set:


Will node_modules folder be excluded from the backup?

Thanks in advance!

That is a good question.

The parameters are to indicate which of settings to use: according to the group settings, the server settings, or the client settings. I don’t know the 4th parameter’s specific.

Yes, it will be excluded node_modules, for the group. Thus, if you configure the client to use the group settings, “/node_modules/” till be excluded.

The '’ is used for wild cards. Thus, in your case, you will see after the “=” that the equals sign is followed by a/[folder name]/ and then another '"
This means, any directory path that includes in it “[folder name]” will be excluded from the backup.

Seeing it starts with a wild card, it means from all drives you have defined.

You can refer to this article for the answers: Manual

Here is an extract:

8.3.3 Excluded files

You can exclude files with wild card matching. For example if you want to exclude all MP3s and movie files enter something like this:

If you want to exclude a directory e.g. Temp you can do it like this:

You can also give the full local name

or the name you gave the location e.g.
Rules are separated by a semicolon (“;”)

8.3.4 Default directories to backup

Enter the different locations separated by a semicolon (“;”) e.g.
C:\Users;C:\Program Files

Hope this is helpful.


Thanks, Rines! The question now is how can I make sure that the client uses the group settings? Since there’re (at least) two settings (group and client) - which one has a higher priority?

You configure this on the server. To make sure client use what you configure, you can disable the option to allow users to make changes by deselecting
Allow client-side changing of settings
under Settings > Permissions. (See image, please.)
I prefer using the web interface, easier for me.

Under the settings page, you have 2 ways to configure clients.

  1. Configure client without a group.
  2. You can add the client to a group, and configure the group.

I know of 4 settings:

  1. Use home settings (settings configured here {on the server side})
  2. Use group settings. Settings are defined by the group’s config.
  3. Use client settings. This uses the config on the client machine.
  4. Use combination of settings. This uses up to 3 settings… home, group or client. :slight_smile:

To answer, you may choose to go disable the permission that allows a client to change settings, and you configure everything via the web interface.

Hope this is insightful.


If I wouldn’t like to prevent users from altering backup settings, will my change to the group be applied? In other words, will the group configuration take precedence over the client settings, like in the case I mentioned above:


From what I know (very armature, as you can probably tell,) you can, yes…
but after changing the group settings, I recommend you go through each client’s settings and check specifically if the client is configured to use group settings for this “exclude files” option.
That is, check on the settings for each user, and ensure which settings are applied to the clients in the group.

I am not sure if changing group settings will automatically force client to be configured as per group config, yet, I noticed when I have moved clients to a group before, that they automatically applied the settings for the group.

Try configuring the group, and see if it applied. If not, remove a client from the group, and add the client again. My experience is that after moving a client to a group, the group settings are applied to the client.

In the screenshot below, I cycled through the options that lets you chooses which config to apply to a client, just for illustration. You don’t have to do this, it’s just to show what options I found to be available.

In terms of your requirements, in the client settings, you can choose “group settings” option. That is, click the [usually a house] icon until it changes to a lock, which is the icon representing the “Use Group settings” option. Please see image below.


I didn’t mention it - apologies. I don’t have special groups configured - just the default one:

In this case, will the change made to “Excluded files” field (see screenshot) be applied to all clients, overriding (or appending to?) their defaults?