Dietpi Backup? and Image

Is it possible to backup a dietpi to urbackup? I’m running a Rock64 with dietpi as an OS. On it I have Unifi controller and a few media servers. I have the client software installed on the dietpi and my urbackup server software on my FreeNAS. The server is working great with all other devices.
This is what the server says about the dietpi client:

I assume its to do with the “No paths to backup configured”. How do I go about setting up the path on a headless OS? Is there a config file somewhere?

Look to the Administration Manual, Section 2.2.3, Client Configuration on Linux:

Select the backup paths you want to backup on the client via command line (urbackup-
clientctl add-backupdir path / or congure appropriate default directories to backup on
the server (see section 8.3.4).

Personally I prefer to create settings on the server and let UrBackup push that to the client. I also clear the checkbox “Allow client-side changing of settings:” under Permissions to prevent clients from changing the settings created from the server.

Thank you that sounds like a much better way.