Dependencies of Urbackup Server on armhf


I’m testing Urbackup Server on Raspberry Pi 2 with urbackup-server_2.4.11_armhf.deb but I’m a bit confused with its dependencies.
It is trying to install things like fonts, icon themes and other X11 stuff. Is that needed and intended behavior?

I’m running Ubuntu Server 19.10.

Hmm that is the case when I do apt install but not with dpkg -i.

I have urbackup on rpi4
For the first Time install use uroni PPA
It will install all dependencies

But this ppa has not the last version i think
After i have installed last urbackup version whith
.deb and dpkg

I should have mentioned that I’m quite new to Ubuntu. Apparently by default it wants to install a lot more than just main dependencies.

To solve my problem I had to use --no-install-recommends.