Deleting not required backup

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Thank you for a great Free backup client server. I have started using it for few computers on my network.

I made a test for “full file backup” and “incremental backup” on one of the computer. However, after decided i changed the plan to create 1 full backup a month without incremental. On my server side “backup” tab, i can see my previous test which i set as above. How do i remove it?
I have updated the client setting to allow only full backup every 30 days and only allow 2 full backup file to be kept in server , however, i did not managed to remove the previous incremental backup.
please see my screen shot .

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Things like that are removed during the cleanup process. The cleanup times are in the server settings.


Like he said, if it is more than 0 it will remove your oldest backup when it either performs the next backup or when the cleanup starts. Make sure you have updated your server to at least 2.0.33, because I believe 2.0.32 had problems with cleanup.

There are scripts you can manually run, but as I said, you’ll want to make sure you’re at least on 2.0.33 so they will work.

Thank you for the information. I check on the download site, the latest is 2.0.32.

on my Clean up time, it was set to 1-7/3-4. anyway, i will try again on 2.0.33 once it’s released.

thank you

2.0.33 is currently out, however, it is currently considered a beta build (or uroni hasn’t updated the version yet): UrBackup Server 2.0.33 RC/Client 2.0.32 RC

I upgraded from 2.0.27 to 2.0.33 on Saturday. I have over 100 clients connected. Mostly internet clients. So far I have seen no issues.
As a side note. The upgrade was compiled from source and the upgrade was instant. ie. No long wait for a database upgrade.

Hey, had a question about updating from source - do you remove the older version first? Or make install just finds differences?

If you cd into the directory, containing the source code for the new version, the make install replaces the current version.
So no need to remove anything.

Neat! Thanks for the info

hey, im having problem to updating my backup source from version 2.1.19 to 2.5.28. at the middle of installing, there msg box appear and i do know what to do.

This thread is about compiling and installing from source.
Do you mean when you update the source code?