Deleting backups not working properly

I’m currently testing and need to remove backups. As they’re is no process via the web interface I’ve been searching and the process seems to be to either delete the file backup folder for the date you want to delete or delete the image files for the date you want to delete. Then you must run remove_unknown.bat.

Unfortunately they’re not being removed from the web interface. The Image Backup Status still says OK even though the folder is empty AND the backups tab still shows backup history to drill into even though there’s no file backups in the folder.

What do I need to run to get URBackup to update based on the backup folder? One thing I don’t understand the suggestion to run remove_unknown.bat as in the manual it states:

"removes files and folders in the urbackup storage directory which are not present in the UrBackup database."

This is the opposite to what I need - I want to remove them from the database because they’re not in the storage directory. Would that be why in fact they’re not being removed? (I’ve also tried running all the other batch files and the web interface is still showing non-existent backup references)

What is the correct way to remove old backups from the system without changing schedules and waiting for a cleanup pass?