Default login and passwort of live iso?

What is login an password for

  • Download UrBackup Restore CD 2.0.2
  • Download UrBackup Restore CD 2.1.1 (x64)

And if you could add this information in FAQ on web site.
Because i can not login to live Linux (Progress Linux 1.9 localhost.localdomain tty1) which is in restore CD.

It should not ask you for a username or password. You gave it a beta tag. Are you using a beta version?

How to check if there is beta version?
I downloaded urbackup_restore_2.0.2.iso file from net and flashed it to USB key.
Which i inserted to PC.
After some time progress on screen stooped and it was only text about my USB device (joystick) being plunged in and out.
So i removed device and press enter. Then it asked me for login.

You need to look at the testing category on the forums

latest beta:

UrBackup Client 2.2.6
UrBackup Server 2.0.37

So there is problem in 2.0.37 version?

I can’t say anything specific for server 2.0.37, but there have been 10 stable releases since then. The current release, 2.2.11, is designed to work with your client 2.2.6, and the 2.1.1 restore ISO. I’d recommend upgrading the server and restore image to the current stable version to get the improved features and performance.

In any case the restore CD is designed to automatically start as the required Linux user for the restore process. Once running it may ask for the UrBackup admin password, or a UrBackup user name and password if you have assigned multiple UrBackup users. These are the same as you assigned during UrBackup setup and use for the web interface, not Linux passwords.

I have updated server to last version … I don’t know how I get 2.0.37 version … I thought that was the last one.
Now i have installed 2.2.6 version of server and mad two new fullimage backups on my two clients.
Then with same usb key started up PC and I get same error.

So how I log in?

That is not the restore cd, but some other Linux distribution.

That is restore CD installed in USB drive.
I installed newer version of restore CD (urbackup_restore_2.2.1.iso) and it works the same.
I recorded video and I can share it with you if you have G-drive.
(Web page don’t accept my 12 Mb video file here.)

Most likely you have managed to combine the UrBackup Restore CD boot loader+kernel with a leftover e.g. clonezilla live/filesystem.squashfs.
However you create the usb stick, you should try formatting it during creation, so that leftovers are deleted.

Or it is some weird (built in?) stuff into HP Laptops. Here’s some people reporting the same problem with other live cds ( , , )

Problem was Quarto M2000 graphic card.
When I in bios enabled integrated Intel graphic card.
It started working OK.

Видимо, сработала очерёдность загрузки и после Флешка[UEFI] загрузилась Флешка[Legacy].
Открой boot и посмотри какая флешка