Default exclusion lists, ProgramData should not be contained

How is the default list of excluded files be calculated? The windows clients config seem to get them magically.

The ProgramData directory often contains importand data and should not be excluded by default.

The default list is created like this:

I have lots of other paths in my windows clients, I never set, e.g.
Where do they come from?
Also why is hiberfile not included in the defaults any more?

It is probably coming from the line a pointed at where it calls

which reads from registry key SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\BackupRestore\\FilesNotToBackup

It seems, that this registry entries are copies to the client configuraton at time of first setup.
This seems not the correct way to me, because the registry key entries can change over time. I think this information should not be transfered to the client configuration but the urbackupclient should reread this list at every backup.

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