Default directories to backup

i just setup “Default directories to backup” in “Settings > General > File Backups” to :
Hope this is the right syntax ?
then i install UrBackup Client in a new client (using batch with /S to test silent deploy) and force a backup (Nothing more, nothing less) ==> the directory to backup is set to “C:”.
Any idea why the client doesn’t have the default directories setup above ?

And in an existing client, the new path’s are not taken into account…
What am i doing wrong ?

P.S.: I just install a new client (not silently) and urbackup prompt me to choose which files / partitions to save. I checked “Manually select files” and the \Documents*;\Desktop*;\Pictures*;\Favorites* has been selected automatically.
But always the same problem on my 2 clients as explained above.

Nobody ?

Given that you’re trying to backup the folders that are all inside the Users directory, would it not be better to just include the higher level and maybe set exclusions for what you don’t want/need to back up…?

Also, think that you’re going to need the trailing backslash or it’s potentially going to be looking for an item with a longer name that starts with what you put…

Have just gone to my backup server and it has the following exclusions set:
*\$Recycle.Bin\*;*\AppData\*;*\WinSxS\*;*/WinSxS/*;*.ost;*\System Volume Information\*;C:\_Movies\*;C:\Windows\CSC\*;C:\_Lock\*;C:\Windows\Installer\*;

That said, my directories to back up is set as the C: drive so it covers everything I need…

Please be aware that most of the users here, like myself, are only here to share our personal experience and advice - we aren’t paid to do this, and do it as we want to help; so, sorry if you don’t get a timely response, but we have our own lives and jobs to be getting on with too…but hope the above helps…

As the note in the Administration Manual says:

Those locations are only the default locations. Even if you check “Separate settings for this client” and disable “Allow client to change settings”, once the client modified the paths, changes in this field are not used by the client any more.

When you made a selection of any kind on the last installer screen, you reset the Client settings to whatever you selected just then. The trick is to CANCEL the last screen that talks about file/directory selection, and then the Client will use the defaults set on the server. Make the two changes noted for the Client permissions to prevent future changes to the files/directories being backed up, and then make changes to the default directories on the server and save them. That should allow the server settings to have a later timestamp and determine what files are selected for backup.

The next version of UrBackup is changing how settings work, so this is a temporary workaround.