Default Directories to Backup....failed?

Im trying to setup default directories (IE: Documents, Desktop, ect.) to backup so I have a one size fits all workstation backup. Ive read through the instructions of “Included files” , “Default directories to backup” but nothing works.
Right now I have Included files = *\Documents* and Default directories to backup = C:\Users\ and I get an error “failed: no backup dirs. Please add paths to backup on the client (via tray icon) or configure default paths to backup.”

Any help would be great.


Any Ideas?

Sorry it is not working.
Can you change „warn“ to „debug“ in C:\Program Files\UrBackup\args.txt and then restart the „UrBackupBackend“ Service (or Windows). It should then log a lot more (debug messages). A log file can give me more details about your case. If you can post the appropriate log message here or give me the complete log file by sending it zipped to . Posting in this forum is the perferred form of communication since others may have the same problem.

Thanks for the reply!

Great product BTW!