Deduplication...btrfs do i need vol and image partitions

Manual says you need to run btrfs for dedup.
I’m using mx-linux (debian) on a single 1tb drive.
I have reduced the mx partition (including /home) down to about 20GB and created a new partition for the remaining and formatted as btrfs. I Installed urbackup server to that btrfs.
When reading about btrfs I’ve seen warnings about needing to add volumes and images for snapshot features. If I just leave the drive “as is” will the dedup work? I have sda1 ext4 / boot 20gb, sda2 swap 2gb, sda3 btrfs /media/sda3 (and for whatever reason, created on setup an unallocated 31.7mb at the end of the drive)
Should I do anything else? I’m not planning on adding a 2nd drive as I plan on using this box for onsite and rsyncing the urbackup offsite - if rsyncing is the best route to go for offsite redundancy

Thanks for the help