Decompress VHDZ on Linux Server


I’m trying to decompress a VHDZ image, and following the documentation and built-in help, I construct the following command:

//urbackupsrv decompress-file -f //.vhdz

I am not specifying the user, as it appears this is optional. When I run the above command, I get back the following response:

ERROR: Error opening output file “//.vhdz”

At its face, this makes sense seeing how this is also my input file, and I’m assuming I don’t want to overwrite it in the process. Running,

urbackupsrv decompress-file --help

provides me with all available options, and I don’t see a way to specify the output file, so I’m curious about whether I’m missing some additional/undocumented parameters to obtain the end result. Thinking that the ‘-f’ parameter is used to specify the output file, I have also tried “-f //.vhd”, but this ends up telling me the file doesn’t exist, which is true. Please advise.

urbackup is compiled from source (2.4.12) using the --prefix and --with-mountvhd options on openSUSE Leap 15.1; All other functionality appears to be working without incident.