Dattobd not supporting on zfs file system



Dattobd not working on the zfs file system and the logs below.

OS: CentOS 7.4
Urbackup Server: 2.2.11
Urbackup Clinet: 2.2.5

Info      05/16/18 19:11   Starting unscheduled incremental file backup...
Errors    05/16/18 19:11   Creating snapshot of "/tank/dset" failed
Errors    05/16/18 19:11   Snapshotting device tank/dset via dattobd...
Errors    05/16/18 19:11   Using /dev/datto0...
Errors    05/16/18 19:11   driver returned an error performing specified action. check dmesg for more info: Invalid argument
Errors    05/16/18 19:11   Creating snapshot of "dset" failed.
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Indexing of "dset" done. 1 filesystem lookups 0 db lookups and 0 db updates
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Test: Loading file list...
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Test: Calculating file tree differences...
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Test: Calculating tree difference size...
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Test: Linking unchanged and loading new files...
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Waiting for file transfers...
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Referencing snapshot on "Test" for path "dset" failed: FAILED
Info      05/16/18 19:11   Waiting for file hashing and copying threads...
Info      05/16/18 19:12   Writing new file list...
Info      05/16/18 19:12   All metadata was present
Info      05/16/18 19:12   Transferred 100.005 MB - Average speed: 389.464 MBit/s
Info      05/16/18 19:12   Time taken for backing up client Test: 1m 10s
Info      05/16/18 19:12   Backup completed with issues

dmesg log:

[ 3268.245714] datto: illegal to perform setup while unmounted: -22
[ 3268.246463] datto: error during setup ioctl handler: -22

I think the Snapshotting device(tank/dset) might be the problem because dattobd working with other file systems like xfs and ext4.

How can I achieve this on zfs file system otherwise how can I use zfs snapshot for backup?



Solution here ZFS snapshot on client