Dataplan database (/var/urbackup/dataplan_db.txt)

I finally upgraded to 2.1.19 :slight_smile:

Now, I wanted to try and use the dataplan limit feature to limit my users who are on verizon cell data connections (jetpack, smartphones, etc.) so they don’t go over their maximum data per month. I added * 2000 (limit verizon connection to 2GB/month) to /var/urbackup/dataplan_db.txt, however, my changes were overwritten when urbackup server was restarted :frowning:

I do not have an account on github, so I can’t make pull requests. I will add an account if I must, but I have a comment/question first…

I would think that I should be able to change the dataplan settings locally (best via the gui, but I would gladly change the text file). I think that a global setting is fine, but I would like to have a local way to override that in case my use is different. Is there some reason I haven’t thought of that makes a global system better? Is my understanding of the dataplan feature wrong?


You can disable the online updating in the settings. So a new setting for us would be * 2000 correct?

By “disable the online updating” do you mean the setting “Download client from update server:” ??

Yes, I would like an entry added for US * 2000 However, I’m not sure everyone else using urbackup would choose the same exact setting… I think a better option would just be to have another textbox entry in the settings, and allow admins to enter whatever they want for settings.