Database restore not working properly

Running server 2.1.19.

I have a test setup running on Proxmox (debian) where I have 2 physical hard drives I pass through to a VM. That VM is ubuntu and I setup the drives with ZFS and mirror them. I then install urbackupsrv on ubuntu and all of my test machines can backup to the urbackup server.

Because this is running proxmox, I can simply stop the urbackupsrv process in the vm, export the ZFS pool from ubuntu and import it on the proxmox OS. I have urbackup installed on proxmox as well.

If I copy the auto backed up database files that is on the zfs pool to /var/urbackup on proxmox and start the urbackup service, the Proxmox urbackup doesn’t see all of the backups and the mount button doesn’t show up on image backups.

Am I missing something that needs to be restored?