Database Corruption Randomly shows up

When I go to the web interface on server sometimes it tells me I have corrupt database I should restore database from backup. Backups appear to be working and database issue only shows up sometimes. My questions are

  1. Is there a way to rebuild database ?
  2. Since backups appear to work ( both file and image) is this something to worry about ?
    If I look at by urbackup.log the last line is ERROR: SQL: disk I/O error Stmt: [PRAGMA wal_checkpoint] but no error is currently in web interface. Is there a way to fix this ?

Maybe you can try these commands :

urbackupsrv repair-database
        Try to repair UrBackup database

urbackupsrv defrag-database
        Rebuild UrBackup database

I did both ( saw no output and waited 4 hours for each) did not help
Thanks but this error seems to show up after a backup ( either image or file)
If this error persists, please restore the database (the files
urbackup_server.db and urbackup_server_settings.db) from a backup.

I searched /var/urbackup I can find backup_server_settings and backup_server dbs but that is all the .db I have under /var/urbackup/. How does one restore those files and to where etc. I looked at manual can not find.

I found them on by Backup disk and copied them to boot disk. Apparently after running disk utility on my boot disk it is beginning to fail. Thanks for the Help !

Still never saw any output from the repair command or defrag command. not sure I did it correctly. It just sais Server started successfully.