Database backup_server_files.db size

Hello all. I have a new server (about 1 month old) that has about 140 clientes. It only does incremental file backups over night. It is configured to have only 1 full backup and the rest incrementals every 24 hours and backup_server_files.db is already 75gb in size. I tried doing a defrag and later a cleanup but the size remains unchanged. Is this normal? If so, reducing the number of max incrementals will reduce its size? Is there another way to reduce it? Thanks in advance

I guess configuring the max incremental number closer to the min number would reduce it.

But 75gb isn’t much, is it? You could put it on a compressing file system like btrfs, I guess…

The thing is that i have it on an 120gb ssd. I guess i will have to get a bigger one then. Thank you

when you stop the server you can vacuum the DB

sqlite3 backup_server_files.db "VACUUM;"

i just tested it and it shrunk mine from 250mb to 40.

i don’t know if that would be recommended or how fast it will grow again, but you might want to try it.

Thank you, i will try it!

“defrag” is basically just a VACUUM, I think