Data usage limit estimation

I continue with tests with the software and I still have doubts.

There is an option that seems to limit traffic when you make copies from a device that has data limitation, it is in “Settings” -> “Internet”: "Do not start file backups if current data usage limit per month is smaller than : ". In my case it puts 5,000MB.

I do not understand what function this option has. In my case, the copies will be online, but there is no limitation of data and I do not know if this can affect me in the amount of data that can be transferred or not. In the manual I have not been able to clarify it either.

In addition, in the manual there is a section on page 24 called 8.4.1 Data usage limit estimation in which it says that if the hostname in the database of a page indicated in the manual is indicated as “no limit” Urbackup will begin the backup forgetting this option, but that if there is no information of the hostname in the database, the limit will be in 1 GB.

Do I have to be putting something into a database so I do not have limits on data transfer?

I do not understand the function of all this well, to see if anyone can help me.

Hello @Logan
I am testing the same feature. Did you have any information about this?

The purpose is to not start backups if the client is connected via a data limited connection (e.g. tethering and your mobile phone).

Problem is there is an extremely small amount of “networks” defined. To add some please submit pull requests to Of course you can disable the update mechanism and add them yourselves as well.

Hello @uroni,

And If I have no data limitation, Is there any way to disable it?

Thanks a lot.

Set it to zero. But that shouldn’t be necessary.

Ok, Thanks a lot

Pull requests are way too much effort for something so trivial to draw to your attention.

by the way,


needs an entry in gb.txt (which doesn’t currently exist) under db_unlimited