Data present in the reparse buffer is invalid error when trying to restore incremental backup image

Seeded image backup of my server from October 2017 restores fine but when I tried to restore the server to a newer point in time that is on the incremental backups, I receive an out of range error.

Also I get this error if I try to attach the incremental VHD File in Disk Management. It allows me to mount the Full Image Backup Fine, but not any of the incremental backups. I have run the uncompress batch on all of the Image Files, and renamed the VHDZ extension to VHD as well. I also installed the Img Mount Driver in the Ubuntu-Server Directory, and have made sure that each of the Image backups were in the same directory. At this point is when I get the error “Data present in the reparse buffer is invalid error”
I am new to this so any assistance is greatly appreciated.