Data migration performance


I know, and I’m using this method now, that I can create a file /var/urbackup/migrate_storage_to and it work BUT,

We are having around 18TB of data right now and it’s running since almost 5 days…

Is there a way to speed up by having more process at the same time OR we should use something else like rsync ?

There is no setting to speed up migration within UrBackup. It will be disk i/o bound just like all other backup maintenance. Getting rsync to handle the hard and soft links correctly is not trivial.

In case you overlooked it, according to the Administration Manual 10.8, migration continues to run to copy new backups. You need to watch the progress on the activities page and (implied) stop the UrBackup Server when complete. A busy environment may require temporarily shutting down all backups on the Server. (Settings: Server: “Do not do…backups”)

What does Activities show on your system?

I am trying to move the backup data to a new NAS (mounted with nfs) too using migrate_storage_to
the process is now running for a week and transfered about 7 TB (=39%)
It’s running fine when transfering image backups but almost comes to a standstill when transfering the file based backups.

On the destination NAS is see 1.200 READS! / sec but only 10 writes / sec
Could it be that sqlite looking up data in the inode_db.lmdb (which is about 6 GB) is creating all the read requests?

  • Urbackup 2.5.32 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Synology NAS with 4 x 16 TB Raid 10