Data in a Microsoft cluster

I am backing up folders on a drive that is hosted by a Windows cluster and that fails over between two nodes.

I have the UrBackup Client Service for Backups failing over with the disks. i.e. the service only runs on one of the nodes at a time. They connect to the server and all is good. I have scores of successful backups, but…

The initial incremental backup after a failover resembles a full backup – i.e. takes a very long time. (Failovers are rare and because of this issue I strive to not do scheduled failovers for maintenance!)

I’m guessing that is because the C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup folder is out of date on the non-active machine.

Is this the key to the state of the UrBackup client’s backups/hashes/history/…/? Is it “client” specific?

Can I move this folder onto the drive that fails over, but not in a folder that is backed up, and hard link or symlink it to C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup? If so, which (hard link vs symlink)?

If not, is there a different path to glory? Perhaps periodically copy \activenode\c$\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup to a central location and restore it to the “new” activenode as part of failover?

Or just regularly robocopy it to the inactive node? Then it would minimize how out-of-date it is?

Seems messy.

No help from anyone? Point me to the relevant doc’s if I’m asking too simple of a question?