Data corruption after server runs out of space



I am using UrBackup server (latest stable version 2.1.2) in windows 2016 server with a dedicated partition to backup storage. Currently I am running backup from windows clients only.

After the server runs out of space while running incremental file backup from one client… some files of this client had been “corrupted”, the “current” folder link has broken and don´t appears to link to any folder.
After this, I have runned the “Remove_unknown.bat” and the “cleanup.bat” and I don´t know which is the state of the backup currently, but the “current” folder doesn´t work.

I have a lot of doubts of how to proceed when some kind of problem like this happens. There are some bat files in the server folder like the two I mencioned, but I don´t know when exactly is appropiate to run one or another.



Please try beta version.
It should have improvement for Remove_unknown.bat


I will try.

Thanks a lot