Data after server crash

Hi if the server crashes but the data is still backed up on an external drive, what are the options to restore? My thoughts are the server needs to be up and “tied” to the data on my drive but am not 100% what would be in this case? Is it as simple as throwing up a new server? Will it see my old data and be able to restore from it?

Can you give us some more info about this scenario?

  • What server OS?
  • What “external drive?”
  • In what way did the server crash?
  • How did you recover the server?


This was a hypothetical but lets say the motherboard crashes or the Raspberry PI gets fried. The data is backing up to an external USB drive (Drive E)

So the question here is if the server (where urbackup is installed as server) dies. How would i do a restore if the server is unavailable. The restore can be for a different machine. e.g server dies, and i need to restore an image to a PC i was backing up. Its not like i can just take the external drive and boot from it. it needs to see the server as available to do the restore no?

By default UrBackup saves a copy of the database and settings in an “urbackup” folder in the backup storage directory. After reinstalling UrBackup Server but before doing any configuration, perform the following:

  1. Stop the UrBackup server using Windows Services or the similar procedure for your OS.
  2. Restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup from the backup volume. You can just copy it over the current urbackup directory.
  3. Restart the UrBackup Server.

This should restore your previous UrBackup functionality and you may continue to restore and backup normally. If Clients had backups occur between the time of the daily cleanup (when the urbackup files are copied) and when the server crashed, you should perform a full file backup and full image backup of each Client to get the Client and Server back in sync with regard to what files or volumes have been copied to the server.