Create user rights

I want to create a user but i’m not able to assign rights to the new user. I tried to finde it in the Manual, but there is no Syntax hot to do it. My Server is Windows, my Version is 1.3.2. Thanks for help!!!

Creating a user with 1.3.2 and a server installed with the NSIS installer is broken. Is that the problem? See here:

Thanks, File was missing, but no Change after putting it into the Folder. Even after reboot… Get the messsage “Account logged off after inactivity” (hope this is correct, have German Interface…)

Can you discribe in more detail what you are trying to do?

Also, maybe just use the 1.4 beta?

When i create a new User I Change Rights from all to, lets say Domain browse_backups Right all, then I try to Login with this user, but I get the Message that the Account is logt out because of inactivity… so I can not login

Ok, sorry. It needs at least one “status” right. (for a list of clients or “all”). I added a hint for that to the manual and added an issue.

Thanks!!! This is the way it works!

hi all,

I just try to play around the user rights, and set some limitations for some users.

I follow the “administration manual” -> 4.1 Server webinterface rights management, however, I can set the “Domain”, but I cannot set the right format of “Rights”. The manual does not show the example of this format. After a long trial myself, I suddenly get it right which the format of “1, 2”, etc. for corresponding clients.

I may be wrong, I cannot find the document for the format of “Rights”, so post here for reference to all new users.

I still cannot get “client_settings:1” and “start_backup:1” to work. May be i miss some right format too.