Crazy numbers in storage usage - I'd like to start FRESH

I have UrBackup 1.2.1 x64 server + 5 clients all local LAN
I originally started with an older version of client + server and over time I think something has gone wrong with the backups. You can see the wild calculations shown below! :? My storage location is on a remote share via SMB, so hardlinks were failing and I eventually had to turn off File Backup completely (Image Backups are still working it seems). So I would like to remove everything and “start fresh” - what Is the correct procedure for deleting all the current backup data and starting over from scratch but without removing the clients from the Server and re-adding them? Is there a supported method? Can I just stop the UrBackup server + go into the storage destination and start deleting everything?

Thank you very much!

You can delete them manually, but you should remove them from the database as well by running “remove_unknown.bat”.

You can fix the statistics by pressing the “recalculate statistics” button.

It’s working now, thanks! :D


i have the almoust the same problem but even recalculating this statistics works.

i even restart the server.

Logs crazy too because the don´t show recent backups.

So i have backups in going and finished but there no records of it in Backups, Logs or statistics.

I have checked the backup locaion and confirmed that the becakup it´s been done.

please, help