Crash on Assertion `cpu_prio==0' failed


My clients are crashing with this error in the log files

urbackupclientbackend: urbackupcommon/os_functions_lin.cpp:1136: void assert_process_priority(): Assertion `cpu_prio==0’ failed

Thats with latest stable
I dont have that problem on my ubuntu clients, only on my archlinux clients/containers.
ok , so theses clients are also running inside docker and granting full access to host solves the issue
The urbackup client already run as root inside the containter, but apparently it needs some more permissions.

How bad would it be to remove the assert and just issue a warning that priority can t be get/set , instead of exiting?

apparently adding the sys nice capability in docker fixes the issue

(i didn’t finished my sentance)

Are you not running it as root?

The assertions are only for if one wants to find bugs and should be disabled in release builds. I will be disabling them per default for the client as well (same as the server; seemed to have overlooked that).
So unless you want to investigate further compile it with CPPFLAGS+="-DNDEBUG" or tell the arch packager to add that flag.