CPU Usage of Client


I’m seeing quite high CPU usage when running a backup on my client - urbackupclientbackend can take up to 25% of one CPU.

I’m concerned about the backup process slowing down ‘real’ work (though I haven’t actually seen this happen yet). I have Server > Settings > Advanced > Run backups with background priority on the clients enabled, but looking at the nice value for urbackupclientbackend, it appears to be at 0.

Should I be concerned, or will it take care of itself?




Usually this isn’t a problem, maybe if you have a raspberry pi or something it can be, i dunno.
And usually peoples complain the other way around that backup aren’t fast enough (although that’s some time i didnt read any complains about that).

I am experiencing the same issue. Windows Client version 2.4.8 on Windows 7 64bit PC with 4 core processor. urbackupcclientbackend.exe service is using 25% CPU usage or ~100% of one core continuously. I’ve exited the tray application and the usage continues, I need to stop the service for the CPU usage to stop. When I restart the service, it will soon resume to consuming 25% or 100% of one of my cores. I’ve also tried reducing the backup window on the client to see if that would have any impact on reduced usage outside the window but it did not seem to help. Anyone observe this usage and is it normal / expected?

Same here. I’m testing with old version now.

Hi acijan, see link to another thread on this same topic. Disabling ipv6 worked for me.

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