Couple questions about best practices and settings

I have recently set up a Urbackup server and have a few questions about best practices and options within the software that I could not find in the documentation. I love the software by the way, it was super easy to set up and has all of the features we need.

Here’s what I would like to know:

  1. Can I manually set the service priority on windows clients to get faster downloads? I am doing all backups at night or on the weekend so it should not affect our network or servers during business hours. Could I set the priority to medium or high? As of now from my calculations it would take hundreds of hours to complete our backup process at the average current speed.
  2. Are the incremental backups truly incremental? From my testing it seems as though the incremental backups are pulling files that have not changed which seems more differential than incremental but I could be wrong. 
  3. Do the settings on the server override those on the client? Can I leave settings blank on the server to let the client specify any special settings?
  4. My backup plan is as follows:
  • Incremental File every 24 hours
  • Full file every 7 days on the weekend
  • Max incremental = 14, min = 7
  • Max full incremental = 2, min = 1
  • Incremental Image every 7 days on weekend (currently disabled)
  • Full Image every 30 days on weekend
  • Max incremental = 14, min = 7
  • Max full = 2, min = 1

Is there anything wrong with my settings? I am backup up around 2.5TB of data and 3.5TB of images to a 12TB array so I am hoping that will be enough space to hold both image and file backups plus incremental. Thanks!

About number 3 - AFAIK, you need to tell the server that client specifies his own settings, otherwise server overrides the client.
About number 4 - depends on your needs, we backup crucial servers everyday with incremental, might be an overkill with how much data that consumes but backups are rotated out so it’s not that bad. Monitor your data usage, check if it’s sustainable.

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!