Couple newbie questions


I have couple questions as a newbie user.

  • Am I supposed to do full backup before making incremental? Or does incremental make a full backup anyway?

  • How do I decide if I should do full or incremental? I am using ext4 for now, so I need a bit of efficiency.

  • I read the documentation but not sure about the issue of compression. So is it true that the Urbackup does not do compression or encrypting the backups and it relies on the underlying file system like btrfs?

  • Will deleting a client also reset its server side original unique settings? Will it restore those settings if I add the same client later?

  • Is it possible make not following symlinks the default behavior?


UrBackup is smart enough to know when it needs to do a full backup. Set your backup schedule correctly and trust UrBackup to do the right thing.
Most people schedule frequent incrementals and occasional fulls. The defaults are fine to start.
Compression and encryption are left to the operating system because each OS and file system does things differently. Data sent as an Internet connected (not local) backup is encrypted during transfer but stored decrypted so UrBackup deduplication functions work.
Deleted clients are really deleted. There is no memory of previous settings.
Follow Symlinks is a setting, and behaves like all other settings. If a client has separate settings checked, the client settings prevail. Otherwise the group settings are used, or default if the client is not in a group.

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Thanks man I appreciate it, it is all clear now.