Corrupted DB; Can't continue differential file backup

Hi, hope someone can help…

I messed arround with my db file (backup_server.db).

*) stopped server service
*) made a copy of the db file
*) tried to rename a client
*) started server service
*) ran the server for some minutes. noticed that my change was not working.
*) stopped service
*) restored db file
*) started service

Now I have a big problem.
Another client that was not manually changed in the db seems to be inconsistent. When I do a differential file backup I get the following error:
Error while calculating tree diff. Not doing full backup because of internet connection.
Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

A full backup is no real option. The backup runs over the internet to an offsite location. The full backup would be about 13 TB of data. And I even don’t have enough space to store two full backups in parallel.

So my assumption is that the client tried to do an differential backup. During this I killed the server and restored the db file. And now nubuilder is having troubles in finding the file delta.
Maybe I have to remove some partial backups on the server?
Maybe the problem is on the client that he thinks he already has done backups of some files?

I really hope that this client can be repaired somehow. As said, a full backup is currently no real option. :frowning:

I also tried to run
urbackup_srv.exe remove-unknown
This returns just some switches which seem to be related to my current server startup configuration. I have not noticed that something was cleaned up in the db.

Hope someone can help.

Thank you!

From “urbackup_srv.exe” I deduce you’re running the Windows server.
Try opening a command window (as admin) @ C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer
then use it to start remove_unknown.bat


I have not noticed that there is a prepared pat file :laughing:.
I just gave it a try.


remove_unknown.bat ran trough but it is still not working to do incremental file backups.


I tried the following scripts:

none of them helped.
Still the same problem.

You may be pruning the wrong tree. The original message looks like a Client error in deciding what folders/files are changed by using its local table of backups. Enabling full backups for that set may be the only way to rebuild that table. After a successful backup you may discontinue full backups again if you prefer.

Is this a client which previously had several successful backups? The penalty may not be nearly as bad as you expect. UrBackup works to avoid duplicate transfers and storage by hashing the files and comparing the hashes to those of all existing files on the server, so any files already there will not need to be copied again.

Thank you very much.

Yesterday I resignated and I drove to the remote location and took the whole UrBackup server hardware in my car and brought it to my place to connect directly over lan.

Originally this was how I set up all my clients. They were all in my local network and were detected automatically. afterwards I added the internet connection over port TCP 55415.

The problem now is that is not detected in the lan by any client.

Sice this is a new problem. I think I will open a new post. Thank you for trying to help but to wrap it up: The original problem had no real solution. The differential backup db seems to be broken after reverting to an older database.