Correct way to move from local storage to s3 or cloud?


What are the steps to move from let’s say a local disk ( 256GB ) storage to either the cloud storage that’s provided by default or to S3? I had attempted to goto Settings -> Storage, marked Data Redundancy to ‘one drive’ and the configured cloud storage with the defaults ( i didn’t select the checkbox which says not to move stuf ), and rebooted.

I now see a activity that says ‘Converting backup storage such that every piece of data is stored on only one device’ after rebooting but it’s been running for about 20 hours stuck at ‘indexing’.

Preferably I’d like to move to S3 and keep the 256GB local disk as a cache. Do I just need to reinstall the appliance to do this?

Yes (either reinstall or Settings->System->Reset). Currently it can migrate between auto-layout RAID <-> S3 but not from the simple storage.