Correct restoration procedure

When restoring a machine from file backup, what is the correct procedure. I understand I need to install the operating system first, but after that can i just copy over the latest backup files, or if they are incrementals, do i need to get the first set copy those over and then sequentially copy over the different incremental backups. Or just the most recent one?

variants… what type of backup you have?
As I understand - file backup only, and you want to restore last versions files,
like your documents in the same, original place, right?
So - you shoud restore last file copy only,
UrBackup have a syntethic copy for each backup moment that is summ of full and all increments ot that moment.

how will I know which one is synthetic backup?

And also kindly help me in understanding how will I copy a backed up content which is incremental from Urbackup data storage folder using native copy utlity?
Thanks in advance…

Can you get access to your urbackup server by ?
You can choose restore point and start restore process from WebUI, download copy from WebUI,
start restore from local client application,
9 Restoring backups
9.1 Restoring image backups
9.2 Restoring file backups

or you can copy some files from UrB-srv local disk, without WebUI
for example locally on windows-srv installation -
most interesting folder x:\UrBackup\clients\yourclient - not x:\UrBackup\yourclient (images and hashes)
there is last assambled state (by hardlinks on file system to full and all increments, imho)

and also you can share that dir and take some files by network

poor english, sorry.

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thanks for the prompt response…
Ur backup is running absolutely fine…I am accessing this from all aspect before planning to use for taking backup.
One of the scenario could be unable to restore using web console or access/restore option of urbackup…since data gets backed up using native utility … I can simply copy the desired data…
Hence my interest is to know how to copy data when the backup level was incremental?
Backup should give entire data at that point in time of backup…

Ok, mean you something like:
“data(files) recovery, when UrB-server service failed
(and not server hw, hdd, or file systems damaged), so - how to get data (mean file backups)
directly from UrB-archive-format-files on server?”

Synthetic copy we can get from x:\UrBackup\clients\yourclient1
that “copy” is hardlinked build above last full and all increment copyes after.

Then, question is “not last (file copy), but some days ago - point in time build
for versions of files on 5 days ago, but not 2 ago”?
And way to get it from filesystem without any UrB-software?

local UrB-srv subdirs like
x:\UrBackup\yourclient1\yymmdd-hhmm contains data-copy = hardlinked build on that time
x:\UrBackup\yourclient1\yymmdd-hhmm_Image_C - contains VHD or VHDZ images of partitions

thanks a ton…have really helped me…

some interesting with images - VHD I can open any by VmWare player, etc,
but mount VHDZ I can’t, only convert to VHD before…
My setup uses VHDZ because compression etc, but recovery without current UrBsrv will be a headache? =
try to find something software for quickly mount it

some intersting for disaster recovery, etc imho - you will be interesting
“portable server”, rec from failed UrBsrv images,