"copy-only" backups for SQL Server

I use UrBackup for making backups of the “R+D” virtual machine farm I run on an old desktop computer in my home office.

It’s great. And the SQL backups have saved me considerable pain when I’ve inadvertently run a query that I shouldn’t have.

There’s just one problem stopping me from recommending UrBackup to customers for their backup when SQL Server is involved.

SQL Server supports “point-in-time” restore if you’re doing scheduled backups using SQL tools, and you have it all configured right - with Full, Differential, and Transaction Log backups.

But (as of March 2023) if you are wanting to use UrBackup’s SQL Server backup in parallel to SQL’s own backups, UrBackup “resets” the backup chain in SQL Server, and stops point-in-time restore using SQL’s backups.

So my feature request is simple - SQL Server has (since SQL 2005) had a “Copy-Only” option for backups - this flag stops SQL from “resetting” the backup chain when the backup is taken.

Ideally this should be an option.

Making it the default should also be fine, although might surprise people with poorly configured SQL servers - only SQL databases incorrectly set to “full logging” while there are no transaction log backups happening would be affected.