Converting linux client to windows

I’d like to move from a linux client which I backup to a windows urbackup server to a windows client backing up to the same server with the same files.

Is this possible to do by simply installing the agent on the new windows client with identical file structure and pointing it at the current urbackup server or will I have to delete my current urbackup server and start a new backup config and connection to the client from scratch?

(NB for clarity, the file copy I have already done between clients I don’t need to use Urbackup to create the restore onto the new windows client for example, I just want to know if theres a way to tweak the urbackup server config to look at the new windows client replacement leaving the same backup files in place)

Shouldn’t be an issue, just use the same client name. It will load all file meta-data, though, so if you have client-sides hashes enabled there shouldn’t be much of a difference to a full file backup.

Great news, many thanks!