Controlling image deletion times


First off, I love UrBackup. Such a great tool and can’t thank the team who created it enough.

I run UrBackup to image the boot drive of Windows. The destination drive for my backups uses Snapraid. Snapraid does not like it when the filesystem is modified when it is syncing.

I’ve adjusted the Backup Window to avoid backing up during the times when Snapraid is syncing. However, UrBackup still deletes images (full and incremental) outside that window. This essentially causes Snapraid to fail its sync.

So my question is: is there a way to control when UrBackup performs its image deletion? I’ve searched here and Google and can’t find any discussion of this.

Thanks for any help or insights!

“Clean up Time Window” in settings ?

OMG that’s totally it. Thank you. I was looking in the client settings not on the server.

For others its on the Server under General > Server > Cleanup Time Window.

Thank you very much!