Context menu not working with file containg accented characters in their name


When I try to restore a file containing accented characters in its name (like é, è, à…) using the context menu, I get the error:
Sorry, something went wrong or you do not have the required rights to access this file or folder. (path_browse_access_denied)

Looking in the debug log, I see this error:
Error reading file metadata from file (followed by the filename with accented characters badly encoded)

Everything works fine with files which don’t contain any accented character in their name.
I also can access any files, with or without accented characters, without any problem by browsing my backups using a right click on the tray icon.

I’m using server version 2.4.12 and client 2.4.10, all on Windows 64 bits.

No one else having this problem ?
@uroni should I report this bug in the issue tracker ?

Thanks, will be fixed.

Is fixed by changing

$.base64.decode(b.replace(/-/g, “=”))


decodeURIComponent( escape( $.base64.decode(b.replace(/-/g, “=”)) ))

on the server in urbackup_functions.js

Great, thanks for the fix !


I’ve updated the server to version 2.4.13.
It seems this bug is still present.
Is it supposed to be fixed in this version ?

Seems it didn’t get merged into 2.4.x. Just merged so if there is another 2.4.x version it should be in there.