Constantly having to log in


Not sure if this is just Urbackup charm, however every time i refresh or click the Urbackup logo i have to reauthenticate. Is there a way to enable login persistance?


Set your browser to save the details & auto-login?
If you always leave the activities page/tab open rather than any other, the problem seems not to arise (at least here) other pages/tabs as you note, rapidly time out.

Browser auto-login is not exactly a solution haha, i was just wondering if persistent login was in the works so if i click the home button it takes me to my main activities or if i refresh it stays logged in atleast for an X timeout value.

Honestly wanted to make sure it wasnt just an option that i glazed over.

Well from a security standpoint the timeout is a good idea, even if it can get tiresome, it’d be nice if it were longer when accessing the interface from the machine the server is installed on though.

As Bearded_Blunder said, go to the Activities page and the Idle Timeout will not be active and you will not get logged out.

I agree, timeout period could be longer, or have an option to disable it at end-users own risk.