Connecting to a internet client only

Hi all
I tried setting up an internet backup client and it didn’t work as i had hoped.
the backup server is a windows 7 64bit pc.
The following happened:
I set up the client settings on the server side before downloading the installer for the client pc which is also windows 7. After I was happy with the settings I downloaded the installer and added the client.
All the settings are exactly as it should be after much extensive research on all the forums etc. but the backup client shows NO under the online tab and that no backup has been made yet. trying to force a backup from the server showed that the backup failed to start.
this really messed around with my mind for a couple of days but then I decided to use one of my laptops (a windows 8.1 64bit) along with the client version installer and just a few minutes after the install it actually started backing up but funny thing is that it started backing up the original client as well.
I thought the issue had been fixed and uninstalled the client from my laptop and after about an hour the actual client pc showed offline again and stopped backing up in the process. I dont really want my laptop files on the server yet until I have increased the capacity to a 10TB HDD. I have tested this on both the local network at my office and then again from my home network

thanks for any assistance regarding this matter and if you need any more info I would do my best to supply as much info as possible