Connect to local Backupserver not possible

Hi Guys,

i have three hosts - 2 by internet, one by local net - internet is no problem, local is. May you can tell me how to force a windows client to connect to local server (by ip)?

Thank you

On Windows the offender is often firewall settings in an aggressive anti-malware package which doesn’t know UrBackup is safe. For example I’ve regularly seen Kaspersky block most non-https traffic whenever a small network change happened. I keep having to go out to that set (remote access is blocked) and reassure KIS that it is still on the office network.

Check the Windows network type is other than Public, and that any A/V products permit the UrBackup port traffic.

Hi Don,

sadly that’s not the problem. neither a firewall nor an A/V is between the two servers. is it possible that i have to place the ip of my backupserver somewhere because he has two nic?

I had, same problem. Check the permissions on the folder for the buckets. Must have full rights for Urbackup