Connect client to local UrBackup and internet Infscape Appliance server at same time?


I am testing the Infscape Appliance, some doubts:

  • If I have already running a local UrBackup server into my LAN and I want to add external backups for some clients to external Infscape Urbackup server, ¿how can I setup these clients to connect to external server?
  • In Infscape UrBackup, in cloud caché mode, It´s mandatory to have the cache disk sized to allow… how many backups? I mean, the first time that I will made the backup of a computer, it will be a full backup, so I need available the space that will take this full backup before it is uploaded to S3 cloud? If I add more computers, I need all the space that sums all full backup of all computers in the caché storage?
  • It´s possible to have a “continuosly upload to S3” mode, so a minimal local cache will be needed.
  • In the archive option, I saw the option to archive to cloud. I don´t understand how this exactly works?
  • I have see an option to run VM inside appliance? To run VM of imaged backups of clients?

Some no technical questions:

  • The documentation is “a little” outdated, is there any more updated?
  • The support for payed version Infscape Urbackup is the same as free version? I mean, forums?

Thank you so much.

Any hints on this?
Thank you.

Like described e.g. here Local and Internet backups Simultaneously - Tutorial (kinda) . I wouldn’t advise it though. The best way is to have a local appliance and then to configure that appliance to replicate (certain clients) to the other one over the Internet.

No it’ll start uploading once the cache is full even before the backup is finished. Having a large cache is purely a speed+cost optimization (because downloading+uploading to s3 costs money and is slower).

If you configure the cloud synchonization window to 1-7/0-24 it’ll upload immediately after a backup is completed.

It archives (creates a copy) to cloud storage. This obviously only works if the complete backup storage isn’t already cloud storage…


Currently not.

There is a “Report problem” link on the bottom (once you are logged in). If you check “Attach log data”, it’ll automatically upload log+crash data, so using this one is preferred.