Configuring UrBackup to Win2k8 Active Directory


I am not able to add Urbackup to windows AD,

UrBackup Server details:
Urbackup version: 2.0.38
Urbackup server OS: CentOS 7

Active Directory server details,
OS: W2k8
Domain Name:

At the bottom :
Could not resolve host name

I have added my UrBackup server (CentOS 7) to WinAD and its working fine (DNS and AD authentication).
But while adding Urbackup application i am getting this error.

I am confused here… actually what is the need to configure Urbackup with AD/LDAP… What are we going to achieve with this ?

Otherthan… AD users will be able to login to Urbackup webgui using their credentails… Do we have any other advantage of adding Urbackup to AD/LDAP.

You don’t really need LDAP for UrBackup; like you said, it just allows AD users to connect with their accounts, and if you are not permitting them to root around in their own backup folders then it isn’t something you need to worry yourself with.

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