Configure directory flags on client

Server: Arch Linux
Client: Windows 7, OS X

The client UI on Windows only has way to add/remove backup paths. AFAICT there is no configuration file either that stores these paths. So how can I configure directory flags for these paths?

Looking at /urbackup/data/settings.cfg, there is a line
But it has empty value. The paths that were entered in the ‘Add/remove backup paths’ are not here. So
a) where do those entries made in the UI go?
b) what is the effect of having entries made via UI and as value fr this property? Are they cumulative? Does one override the other?

you can, look at the urbackupclientctl help

Umm, where is this tool in the 2.0.x Windows client? Or do I have to go to the beta builds?

Any news?
i’m also interessed in:
in Windows client, where i can put option flags? In Gui client?
c:\folder\foldertobackup|myfolder/flags and \nas\folder|mydocnas/flags : are they right?
Or do i insert folder via GUI and then i modify value in “name” area?