Computer Name - Description

Hi there,

I have rolled out this backup solution to 50% of my network… so far i can see the system works great.
I have a question, can i anyway added a description next to computer name? It’s quite challenging to know which computer belong to whom, and have to refer from my inventory list.

reading through the documentaiton but can’t find any info…

Web-Interface -> Settings -> Client Settings -> [Computer Name] -> Client -> Computer Name

There is a box there that allows you to set the name for the specific computer; however, if you do blanket setting changes then it’ll be problematic for you because this method requires you to check the box:
[] Separate settings for this client

Thank you Trammell.

it’s ok because for my configuration, all setting is saperate setting due to all back up data from different location (C:\Users[Username].

This might be an old thread, however we have some PCs we back up local user data only and we back up C:\users that way it gets all users on that PC and if only 1 uses it, well you have that as well.

Sometimes pays to do C:\ProgramData also as some settings for the user is in this folder.