Compress file backup on urbackup

I just installed urbackup server and it is working file. But i am facing a issue, urbackup seem not compress file backup. In present, my storage is ext4. I had read urbackup and find out, hdd must be format with btrfs so urbackup will be compress.

  • May you help me, how to configure btrfs for urbackup can compress backup file. I just test backup 4 client to 1Tb storge , and now, it is full.

Please check the Admin guide, specifically the section on btrfs setup:

Also, the part about migrating backups might come in useful:

Actually i had read manual many time, but i still clearly. I have 2 issue, if i have one hdd drive 2Tb

  • With btrfs filesystem:
  • Which type can i create (-d for data or -m for metadata), which one is benefit?
  • About path of storage:
  • Can i mount anywhere i like or i must be mount to “/etc/urbackup/backupfolder”. And when i mounted, will it compress automaticly or not?

I had run backup success. But i don’t know is it compressed? Please see image.

On web “used storage” is 66.44GB for “ang1152” client and “12.69GB” for “ANG1256”.
But on command it show 145GB for “ang1152” and 14GB for “ANG1256”.

I don’t know which one is right?


There s no compression for file backups.
There’s compression for image backup in windows if youse urbackup special format vhdz.

With file backup however, what happen, if that you backup a file that was already backped previousely and is unchanged. Only a link is created to that previous file, and this occupies very few additional space.

This is why the actual disk usage report is tricky. You’d need to also look at df -h in addition to du -hs.

Because df account space in a different way, that would maybe more in line with what you see in this specific urbackup screenshot (some other place of urbackup UI may account space in a different way, transferred size, on disk size, accounting for deduplication or not, etc…)