Compress existing VHD to VHDZ?


Is it possible to switch to compressed image backups, and compress all of the existing VHD files? We are increasing our storage capacity and need to use larger than 4KB allocation unit size, which means no more NTFS compression.


It’s untested/unsupported, so please be carefull (and test if it works):

urbackup_srv.exe --cmdline --no-server --plugin fsimageplugin.dll --compress C:\foobar\foobar.vhd
rename C:\foobar\foobar.vhd.urz C:\foobar\foobar.vhd (name must be the same as before)


Thank you sir. Does the database need to be informed of the file extension change?


If you don’t change the extension, no (and it detects compression via a header, not via file extension)