Completely New Installation - Server Locks Up When Windows Client Backs up

I am just starting to play with the software. So far I am very impressed. Looking at transitioning from BackupPC to UrBackup. I have tested 3 fresh server installs on Ubuntu server (no gui) and all 3 have had the same issue. I used 20.10 and 19.10 to test the server on. I used the server installation instructions off the website using the ppa:uroni/urbackup to apt install the server. That part works great. Linux clients backup perfectly with no issues with all the configs I’ve tested.

My issue is when I add a server 2019 client. During the copying of files on the initial file backup run (off 2 different Windows clients I tested, I see the same behavior) the server locks up completely. I have to do a reset on my vm to get it to come back. Nothing outputted to the console screen either. I can’t see to get any logs off the vm once I get it back on. The server locks up at different times of transferring files (from both clients) each time I try a file backup.

On the server for both 19.10 and 20.10 I tried using a urbackup datastore of ext4 and btrfs. I used the client installation off the website for windows for version 2.4.10. I have tried different amounts of Ram/CPU’s on multiple VMWare ESXi hosts for my server vm.

Should I try to find an earlier version of the windows client? Any thoughts on logs I can find and check? I have seen a few other issues when I migrated from 19.10 to 20.10 last week on a few of my servers so that is why I tried going with 19.10 but was not expecting the same behavior. Nothing else is installed on the Ubuntu server. They are 100% completely fresh installs.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated as I would love to transition to this as the software is impressive.

Thank you!


I just tried windows client 2.4.8 and the same thing happened where the server locked up.

I also tried a fresh install and instead of the newest server I tried UrBackup 2.4.12 instead of 2.4.13. Same issue when I backed up a windows client.