Compiling the client for Ubuntu 32

Hi Martin,

i compiled urbackup-client-linux 1.1.1 and :
-i needed to install the cryptoplugin to be able to compile it

About the engine :
the file backup works fine in 10.04 32 its and 12.04 32 bits : i’ll report if any bug …

About the interface and icone
in Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 32bits with Gnome : it 's ok
in Ubuntu Precise 12.04 32bits with Unity : the tray icon is misplaced and inaccessible (top left : on the Unity menu)
and when a job occur, the tray icon stays white instead of yellow

It’s probably this problem:
Can’t do anything about it. Maybe a newer wxWidgets version fixes it?

See also this blog entry: