Compiling and packaging custom client builds?

I have an older AMD Opteron server that doesn’t support SSE4.2. It’s hosting about 15 containers, almost all Debian 32 bit. A few newer ones are 64 bit, and one is multiarch (32 with 64 as a foreign arch). The 32 bit builds run just fine, until PIDs go too high and it crashes. The 64 bit appears to use SSE4.2 now, and won’t run.

I’ve downloaded and done a test compile of the source to try and get familiar with it, but there doesn’t appear to be any documentation about packaging this up… Ideally, I’d like to package it up so I can have the server push it out like it does for the stock builds, and I don’t have to manually upgrade 15 containers every time… I’d also like to have a means of installing the same build onto new containers if I need to.

Is there any documentation on creating these .sh files used for the official builds?

Also, when did the SSE4.2 requirement appear? Could I just use an older client build?

The client installer is created by . Maybe you can find how to fix it to build for your processor?

If you want custom installers you’d need to generate your own update priv/pub key pair, change that on the server and then sign the update with that key.

Also the Android NDK build should work without SSE4. Maybe it doesn’t switch over correctly to this one on installation?

Could you perhaps post more information about this issue. Maybe it can be fixed?

Possibly… But probably not worth your time. Switching to multiarch and using the 64 bit client is a much better fix anyway.

I’ll see if I can get that android ndk build to install later, and if not, the installer building tips look like what I needed to know.
All else fails, I do need to upgrade this ancient server… It’s about 12 years old now I think :rofl: