Common file formats to exclude for Windows incremental backups?


yes, indeed, its more like a "newbieW question, but because I am really not confident with all the functions urBackup has and neither have the experience, I just quickly wanted to ask, which file formats you should exclude from data backups (incremental) for backing up Windows Computer with nearly whole system partition including messy folders like appdata, programm files etc?

I just ran the backup for testing purposes and it was not even close to Gigabit speeds because of many strange file formats.

Can you share your list of excluded file formats to test it out by myself?


Instead of excluding file formats, I only include selected directories under C:\Users. This avoids the many Temp folders and other high traffic places like antivirus signatures which change frequently, because these would be automatically rebuilt after a restore or reinstall. I rely on monthly image backups to get the Windows system and program files for disaster recovery, and just expect daily file backups to keep copies of my current work.

Right now I use this on my personal PC, under Included files (with wildcards):
Default directories to backup: would only be C:\Users
with nothing in Excluded files (with wildcards).

AppData\Roaming is there only because that’s where my email client keeps its files, and I didn’t feel like typing the whole address. Otherwise it’s the normal daily work folders for all the users: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and Pictures. I also capture those four on most office workstations and again, I rely on image backups to get everything else. If there is a special application installed on a few sets I might add its folders to a Group or individual Client. Most other applications will store data on the office file server or on the Internet.