Cold Backup to usb disk

I would like to cold backup my urbackup folder to keep a copy outside my society.
Have you do this ? I don’t read anything about cold backup in the documentation

And my second question is how I performed restore with my cold backup

Thanks for your help


Thinking about this for a little while, it seems like this would be hard to manage.

I’m going to assume you are using Windows…

You’d have to backup your entire data drive to an NTFS formatted USB Drive. And you’d need to also copy all the key config files (especially the keys) from your C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer folder.

Then, in an emergency, you would have to build or rebuild a server, copy the config files back to that server, reinstall the UrBackup Server files over that config, and then either copy the USB folders back to the server or connect the USB to the server with the same drive letter as the previous data drive.

To me, synching this up will probably be difficult. And the recovery process (especially that last step) is just my untested speculation at this point.

The path I have taken, which I have found to be much easier to manage, is to just have two backup servers – one local and one remote. That way, the scheduling is easier to manage, and the recovery is straightforward. (In a pinch, you can even bring the whole remote server somewhere closer to make the restore faster.)

That’s what I would suggest, based on how I have seen UrBackup working over the past 10 months or so.

Ideally you have the backup folder on a dedicated drive.
You’d then use software to image that drive or clone it to the second, I say image or clone because virtually nothing else will handle all the symlinks & hard links properly.

In an emergency you’d either restore the image or replace the drive with the clone, restore the nightly database backup from it to the server, & run remove_unknown to set everything back to the point where the image/clone was taken, & it should just then pick up like it was simply powered off for the intervening interval.

I use Linux server.
Have you a documentation for use 2 urbackup servers ?

Take a look at the following thread: