Code Signed agents

During testing of the appliance, we are also running into issues of code signing validation.

Since we are not in control of the agent being compiled or signed, we are hoping this is going to be rectified soon. AV and other protections will reject this in strict environments.

For example, we use SentinelOne Complete, which is flagging it.

Can confirm that S1 flags the agent and causes the service to fail to start. I ended up just applying a hash entry into the whitelist and applied it site wide.

The problem is that a pre-configured UrBackup client is an ideal data extraction tool. Install it silently and without tray and you’ve got a tool that transfers all data from the client to the server without the user noticing.

So the pre-configured client cannot be pre-signed. There would be ways to work around the technical problems but the issue above remains.

You’d have to sign it yourself with your code signing certificate or use the client from and configure it by setting server + clientname + authkey.

Alternatively create an installer e.g. via and sign that one.